Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's weird to have a forced weekend. Usually I work a few hours on Saturday, but this weekend the system is down. Today I saw Race to Witch Mountain. It was a surprisingly AWESOME movie! I figured I'd like it, but it was really much better than I ever could have thought. The directing was great, the effects were fantastic, even the script was stellar. It's a shame that probably a lot of people who really would enjoy it aren't going to see it b/c they think it's a kid's Disney movie. That's too bad. I really had a lot of fun watching it with Faith this morning.

As I was leaving the movie, I noticed Girl Scouts selling cookies. Oh, joy of sweet delicious joys! I only purchased one box of Thin Mints that have already been partially devoured. I don't expect them to make it through the night. This is the reason I limited myself to one box.

After the TM purchase, I went to the gym. :-) I haven't been in a while, and I haven't done legs in even longer. I managed to strain my knee and was in enough pain that I didn't do my 45 minute spin routine. Pushing through the pain depends on what kind of pain. I should have stopped what I was doing, but I'm an idiot and wanted to barrel through the set-and-a-half I had left. Bad Ashley. So, I've decided to alter my workout regimen. I wanted to lift 4 days a week; two days of upper body, two days of lower body. I'm going to cut out the lower body lifting for at least two weeks. I'll get plenty of strength training with my yoga and spin classes. Besides, I haven't exactly been going a lot lately, so any gym time is better than none.

Tonight I head to iO to watch Relationshit! with the delightful Jude Shelton, then Step-n-Repeat, then LIMP at 11. I'm taking still shots for LIMP, which I'm really happy about. Tomorrow a group of friends are going to see Watchmen, then Faith and I are heading up to Mount High for a day away from LA. I'm hoping to be back in time to catch some sketch at iO, but it'll be okay if I'm not.

Monday is back to work, but I like this little hiatus.


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