Saturday, February 28, 2009

horrible dreams

last night i dreamt that justin, jastroch, and arthur would not speak to me b/c i was friends with tami and chris. it made me really sad.

this one i totally understand. the people i have been friends with the longest in austin are not friends with each other anymore. the theater at which i was hoping to work is still up and running, but 2 of the 5 founding members now have their own theater. the dynamic i thought i would be moving into is now hugely changed.

then i dreamt about a girl who was molested as a child. it involved her running and screaming and crying and almost drowning at one point. and her father was this disgusting, smelly, horrible person who was molested by his father who showed up later in the dream. the mother was away at work all the time doing something with flowers. when she came home from work (years had passed) and realized what was going on, there was running and screaming and fighting and crying on her end, too. and i think a shot gun.

what the hell is up with that?!


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