Wednesday, January 07, 2009

This is posted to my Facebook b/c two of the people who tagged me for it are on Facebook. But for those of you who aren't on Facebook, here is my 25 Things Meme.

1. Although I joke about it, I’m incredibly self conscious of my holiday weight gain. Please don’t rub my belly or pinch my thighs. I’ll totally cry myself to sleep.

2. I judge people by the quality of their teeth.

3. I impulse spend on big things. A few years ago I impulse flew to New Orleans, to the tune of almost $1000. Last year I impulse bought my macbook a week after I purchased the Nikon D80—because I wanted a place to store my pictures.

4. I obsess about stupid things I’ve done. Over Labor Day Weekend I spent a couple of hours throwing up in Arthur’s back yard because I’m a winner. I’ve convinced myself that when I move to Austin, that’s what people will remember when they see me. Even the people I’ve know for years.

5. I have a full-on boner for Kristen Bell. She is the cutest thing to walk this planet. She’s incredibly funny and has a fantastic voice. If I meet her, I would give her a hug, thank her for existing, and leave her alone. I was PISSED when she was killed off Heroes. Someone give her a show, please, so I can adore.

6. I’ve watched too much Alias. I’m pretty sure that if cornered by a mugger I could disarm him and take him down. I would be wrong. In reality, I’d probably get shot.

7. If I hurt myself badly enough, I saw “ow” out loud like an android. I’m very clumsy (yesterday I dropped the laundry detergent outside our front door. It was a 30 foot fall to the ground). If you hear me knock into something, I’m totally fine unless I make a robot sound.

8. I stopped biting my nails when I was in my late teens—the same time OCD took over. OCD is the reason I stopped biting. I need my nails to be exactly the same length, and I can only get that by using a file.

9. I fall in love hard and fast. It is my Achilles Heel.

10. Remember the anti-smoking PSA add where Teen Boy walked across The Party to hit on Teen Girl then she lit a Cigarette and he got Sad Face and walked away? I completely relate to that. There's a boy I think is totally hot but when he goes outside to smoke, I get Sad Face. He's trying to quit now. If I find out he's super smart, that poor kid will have to pry me off with a rake and a restraining order. (See #22)

11. When I’m in an uncomfortable situation, I’ll try to be funny but end up being even more awkward. By trying to diffuse the situation, I only make it worse.

12. Every summer my parents sent me to a different camp-type situation. In the 5th grade it was financial classes for a week. I learned how to balance a checkbook and what compound interest on a credit card was. The summer before the 4th grade I went to Camp Emmanuel, which was for deaf kids. Two summers in a row I took classes at the Allwood Audubon Center. I learned all about fish and we went seining in the Miami River. I’m pretty sure if I ever get cancer, I can pinpoint it back to being in that water.

13. I’m adopted and have met my half brother and sister once, 12 years ago. In my head they are still 11 and 7. But Andrea now has a baby, and that’s weird for me. Because she’s only 11.

14. When I lived in OH, I went through a short period of time when I taped about 11 hours of ER a week. Combine that with the medical terminology training I’ve had and the op and ER reports I read on a daily basis for my job, and I believe I would score well on the MCATs. I would be wrong.

15. In high school I was voted Most Likely To Be A Talk Show Host.

16. Sometimes, if Faith and Drew are both out of town, I find myself talking as I make my food. I talk to my food like it’s a person and I’m gonna eat it. “Oh, man, turkey sandwich, you are gonna be so tastey!”

17. I am not a fan of clothes. Interpret that as you will. You will be correct.

18. I am an incredibly fast typer due to the fact that I took a typing class in high school (Which I think lasted an entire quarter. That was the class where I heard the OJ Simpson verdict.) and I have to write a lot of letters throughout the day. When I got my first job in AZ, I had to take a typing test. They were counting for speed and accuracy. If I misspelled a word, I would go back and make the correction, but I still typed more than 60 words/minute. I’m faster now. To give you an idea, an average professional typist reaches 50-70 wpm according to Wikipedia. An old boyfriend heard me typing once and called out “fake typing” because it sounded like I was just spasming my hands on the keyboard. Sometimes if I have a long letter to write and I’m going really fast, I’ll remember the “fake typing” and I’ll laugh.

19. I had tonsillitis so many times when I was a kid that by the time I finally had then removed my senior year, they were almost pure scar tissue (to this day my dad still apologizes for that). The surgeon asked if he could send them to a college to be studied. I said sure, I had no use for them. That’s when I decided to be an organ donor. When I’m dead, I’ll have no use for my body. Plus, it’ll be the one time I won’t be self conscious of people seeing me naked--no matter how old, fat, and wrinkly I am. Because I’ll be dead. People try to counter with the whole, well, what if someone violates you? To that I say, that corpse is not me. If my organs can save someone’s life or if my body can help a kid in med school then the potential of corpse rape is worth it.

20. I used to read a ton when I was a kid. Some of my favorite memories are my mom reading stories to me before I would go to bed. A Wrinkle In Time was my 5th grade year. I look forward to having children and reading to them. I already have some books picked out.

21. I love movies, but I’m really cheap (except when I’m #3ing). I’m very happy that AMC has $6.00 movies before noon on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I try to see a new movie every week.

22. I have reached the point in my life where brains are sexier to me than looks. If you are smart, you automatically get 10 points hotter. Related: I remember the Christmas I stopped wanting Legos and started wanting sensible things. Now, foreplay is walking through the kitchen appliance aisle at Bed Bath and Beyond.

23. I am pretty new to Facebook, and this is my first official note.

24. I did this exercise instead of working. That’s the bad part about working from home.

25. I did this exercise naked. That’s the good part about working from home.


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