Sunday, January 04, 2009

There were several reasons why I didn't want to make out with Character Workshop Crush.

1. He vomited. Hilariously enough, in my mainstage LK show, I got a vomit kiss.
2. My shoe came untied as we were walking to my car and he wanted to tie it. As I was watching him fumble with my laces, it became glaringly apparent that I would be getting nothing out of this encounter.

and 3.

Now, sadly enough, #3 is the main reason: I have put on 15 holiday pounds and don't want anyone to see me. This is how girls think.

So, instead, he walked me to my car, which was parked very far away and I was glad to have someone to walk through Hollywood with, and I took him home. We also had a really fun conversation. I was wearing my Designated Driver button I got in OH, so, as I was driving away, it made me laugh to realize that I lived up to my button last night.


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