Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Someone shoot me.

I hate myspace surveys. I often read them when my friends post them, and i enjoy them, but i never post them myself. Today Mack Duncan put one up. He hates them as well, but decided to do one. So I did the same one in his honor. Then my browser crashed right as I hit post. So, the last 30 minutes of insightful, snarky, life-changing words I wrote are now out there in the ether. Clearly, I was not meant to post that survey. And I will never do one again as long as I live. Unless I am captured by a foreign government and that is their form of torture. I'm not big on the pain. Inflicting it = fine. Have it inflicted upon my person = opposite of fine.

Oh, and one of the questions was, "What's the most ironic thing that's happened to you recently." My original answer was, "I had to think about this too long and got bored, so, nothing." But this. This is the most ironic thing that's happened to me recently.

Then I got a couple of phone calls and somehow an hour has escaped. That's 10 claims I could have processed. That's $40. I think this is a sign that I should just pack it in for the night and watch Seinfeld which came in from Netflix and then some Alias, which I broke out this morning as I was avoiding work and the gym.

A potential awesome roommate is coming over tomorrow to check out our apartment. Cross your fingers he likes it and wants to sign! Big reveal of who it is once we have the place. Don't want to jinx it, which I just did by even mentioning it. Ah, Ashley, whenever will you learn?


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