Thursday, July 10, 2008

My camera died. It's been having problems taking pictures lately, but this weekend when my parents were visiting and we went to Griffith Park Observatory and I took photos of the Hollywood sign and surrounding area, none of the photos were coming out. It was just black. That made me sick. My Nikon D-80 was an $800 Christmas gift to myself (with the help of family checks). So, I took it into a camera store in the mall. I figured they could send it away to Nikon or whatever. But the girl said it was a problem with the lens, not the camera. We tried a new lens and there was no problem. But then I got home and tried a new lens and there is still a problem. Eff. I love this camera, and I don't want it to be broken. Between rehearsals for 3 different teams, class, a show, and work, I have no time until next week to do anything about it. But it's all I can think about.

Magic Fairy, come fix my camera. Please?


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