Thursday, July 03, 2008

Game Night

Faith wanted to do a game night, so we had people over. A few years ago my mom got me Worst Case Scenario instead of Buffy Season 7. I'm still bitter. But we turned it into a super fun and educational drinking game. Matt from iO used to live in this complex, and he still has friends here. They came over after WCS was dying down and we ended up playing Celebrity. In case you are unfamiliars, you put several celebrity names in a hat and draw them out one by one. The first round you can use whatever you want to describe them. The second round you only get 3 words. The third round is charades-esque. It ended up being much more fun than the last time I played, which was 12 years ago with a bunch of musical theater majors. I had no idea who any of the Broadway stars were. Anyway, I'm crazy-competitive, so I took the game seriously. We were down by 12 to begin, but we made a major comeback to take the win in the end! And I didn't even need to slash anyone's tires.

The game got heated, and there was much loudness at 3 in the morning. I have no idea how the cops were not called. It reminded me of my party back on Pompton Court in OH. We were crazy loud for a long time, but when the cops showed up, everything had died down. The music was off, two people were playing chess, three were playing with my Mensa games, and two were taping dead body outlines in my kitchen. The cops walked into the lamest party they'd ever been called to break up. We laughed.

Several times last night I dipped my feet in the pool. Faith didn't want to even put her toe in, but by the end of the night, she had gotten in completely - clothes and all. She became my new hero. Stayed up until 6; got two hours of sleep. Took Ben to the middle of nowhere to get his new car. Have been cleaning and laundry-ing all day. No work. I'm a lazy bum. Will probably get in the shower soon. Parents come in tonight at 10:30. Oh, LAX, how I loathe thee. But, as armpit-like as I feel at the moment, the night was super fun. And for the first time in my whole not-living-with-my-parents life, I know some neighbors. I always made a point to never get to know other apartment dwellers (see 2001 entries for crazy stories about those I never met but could hear through the ceiling). But these guys were great. I'll allow it.

Pictures are up on flickr if you care to have a gander. FYI, I didn't take any of the pictures of Andrew, the blond guy. That was all Nathanial's doing (the dark curly haired guy).


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