Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gaede sent an email last week about Stef's bday party on Wed. I planned my entire day around this. I made sure to get up early so I could work out (my first serious work out in months, consisting of nearly two hours of lifting and spinning) and get my full 8 hours of claims processing in. I was finally done by 8:30. The gathering was at 9. I hopped in the shower and got ready. I did my hair, put on make up, wore jewelry...the whole nine. I wrote down directions for the bar. Everything was ready to go. The door was open. Then, for some reason, I checked my email one more time. Chris mentioned last week that it would *probably* be Wednesday, but it *might* be Thursday. I checked the email. Ohdeargod it's Thursday.

Oh Hell No.

I did not just spend an hour getting ready for something that is not happening for another 24 hours. So, I place calls to people in my neighborhood (there's a great bar near my house). I'm not letting this makeup go to waste. No dice. I expand my radius and call Lisa (of Lisa and Clif), knowing that she has to work tomorrow morning, but also knowing that she lives within walking distance of a bar. I don't have her number, so I call Clif. She happens to answer and immediately tells me to hold on, that she'll get him. No! I'm calling for you! She agrees to get drinks.

Two rum and cokes (Jack and cokes for her), a gin and tonic (some light beer), and a split serving of s'mores later, we leave Cale, our adorable server. It was fun to hang out with a girl for the evening! Clif said Lisa hardly ever goes out without him (just never has the opportunity), so she was happy to be my partner in crime tonight.

However, now it is 2 in the morning and I need to be up at 5 to get my hours in before rehearsal, a show, and a birthday party (shakes fist at email). Needless to say, tomorrow is busy. This might sound crazy, but I think I'm going to go process 20 claims right now!


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