Monday, July 21, 2008

Austin on the brain

Chris Trew from Coldtowne has been coaching my Latchkey Kids rehearsals the past two weeks. He helped us find a format and play more with each other. It's been really great to have him around! When I took him home last Thursday, we had a good talk about Austin. I've told other people this, but I don't think I've expressed it to anyone in CT proper: I believe they are going to be the next UCB.

They will be celebrating their 2nd year as a theater in September (or maybe October), and have already churned out 4 teams from their conservatory. 3 of which applied for and got into the Del Close Marathon. They are battin' a thousand. It was exciting to talk with Chris about the CT schedule and things they will be doing. It's such a talented, dedicated group of people, and I am really looking forward to getting involved in anyway I can.

Then Friday night (after spending a few hours on the set of Scrubs to visit Deonte, one of the Latchkey Kids) I went over to The Boys Place (the 3 guys who live across from us). Doug was watching the Cubs game with his friend, Nick, who hates baseball. I went over to see the Cubbies lose to Houston. I forget how it came up, but I think Nick mentioned Austin. I mentioned my move next year, and it turns out he used to live there, then moved to LA, and is now moving back to Austin in January. He got really excited talking about all of the things to do, and he promised to be a good tour guide. I made him promise to see a CT show. We decided to be friends, but not until 2009.

When Andrew got home from work, the three boys came with me to Ben's birthday party. I don't know the boys very well yet, and I wasn't sure whether or not they would have a good time, but they did. We danced for a few hours. My hair was dripping with sweat. I got to talk to Paul Scheer-of Scheer/McBrayer! Also there was Casey Wilson from SNL. We had a great time, but my old lady knees paid for it the next day. My throat was feeling weird, and I had to sing at 9:30 Saturday morning. When I got back from rehearsal, I took naps on and off. By the show that night, my throat was pretty painful, but I sung my heart out anyway. Sunday I had a fever develop during class, so I skipped Step'N'Repeat rehearsal and was in bed before 9. It was a restless night, and today I'm not feeling much better. More rest is on the docket today.

Highlight of today: Taking Tami to airport! She was visiting Chris this weekend--working, not socializing--and I wasn't going to get a chance to say hello. But turns out she needed a ride to the airport, and I was happy to be the chauffeur!


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