Monday, March 03, 2008

So I'm a little late, but:

I only worked out 8 days in February, but I went down 2 percentage points. March will hopefully more than double that number. Of days working out, not percentage points.

When I went back for Hagrid's wedding, people in AZ noticed a difference. And, don't worry, this is not the pressure of LA doing this to me. This is the fact that a healthy woman's body fat percentage is between 18 and 22. I am unhealthy. It's not like I'm gonna get crazy skinny. Please, my love of all things sugar solidifies that. But I do want to be in good shape. And I can tell in my yoga practice that I'm getting stronger. When we do sun salutations, I don't plop down in chaturanga anymore. My upper body is getting stronger, which is a really good feeling. In April I'm going to start swimming so I can be ready for a summer full of surfing. It's hard to swim against the waves--I got winded easily. But I'm doing a lot of cardio, so I should have much more stamina this summer. Excitement!


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