Saturday, February 02, 2008

Well, at the beginning of the year, which was only one month ago, I noted that on the first of each month I would post my weight and body fat percentage. It's already February 2nd (well, the 3rd depending on where in the country you are currently). I haven't been to the gym in 3 weeks. I can feel the jelly that has replaced the little muscle I have. My ass is spreading like the slow course of lava.

But I have an agent. Wednesday I'm getting for real headshots that I'm actually paying for. I no longer hate my hair (and my agent doesn't want me to grow it out!) And tomorrow I have an audition for a video game. I think it's voice work. I don't remember submitting for it. Anyway, tomorrow I'm making time for the gym. I'm not going to dwell on the fact that January completely got away from me (plus I spent a week in bed with the Near Death Flu). Tomorrow is another day, right? Besides, my "i-feel-fat" weight is no longer 155. It's 148. That's huge for me, considering I've spent the past two years above 150.

In other news, I added several new photo albums to my flickr account. I loveLoveLOVE my new Nikon D80! I watched Brokeback Mountain last night and The Devil Wears Prada tonight. Both fantastically wonderful movies. Both with Anne Hathaway. We have the same eyes. I could totally play her older sister. Let's get on that!


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