Thursday, February 14, 2008

What a wonderful day so far. Faith and I got up early after a fantastic night's sleep. We watched In The Land Of Women, which was really good (plus we heart Adam Brody. He will be the end of our friendship). After that, we both got a massage (it was the best massage I've had in forever! The perfect blend of firm pressure and relaxation). Then we grabbed lunch at CPK (where we had a bit too much to drink) and headed over to AMC to watch Fools Gold (it was a lot of fun. Those two have great on-screen chemistry!)(also, it may have been the drinks). Now we are back at the house and I am cooking dinner (chicken masala), then we're going to iO to watch Dasariski!! Hooray!!

One year ago today I was pouring my heart out to Foxy Boy in a letter. Not on purpose with the day. It's just that I had *just* returned from a weekend in North Carolina with my Grandmother where I was reminded how short life is. The letter was not so much of a hey let's be together, but more of a hey I think you're fantastic and I just wanted you to know that. I remember after I put the letter in the mail, I immediately realized what day it was. Oh well, he wouldn't get it for a couple of days and surely wouldn't realize the date stamp. And here we are, a year later. I will be in AZ the night of his going away party. Which is fine. I don't think I'd be in much of the party mood.

At lunch today, I told Faith that I was really sad he was leaving. She said she was sad, too, because of how much he likes me. They apparently had a conversation about me on or around my birthday. She didn't tell me the details, just that she could tell that it was hard for him, too. Great. That makes me feel better exactly zero percent.


I got Faith squirrel salt-n-pepper shakers. She loved them!

That is all.


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