Sunday, January 13, 2008

On Thursday I got a call saying I'd been hired for this Paul McKenna project (it has something to do with hypnotism and sugar addiction) I'd auditioned for a while ago. This is the second job I got based on personality alone. The casting director really liked me, but he said that the network (Lifetime) was looking for someone heavier than me. However, he really liked me and he was going to try to push me through. Sure, I thought. Hollywood bullshit, I thought. Then I get a call asking if I was available to film in February! It's a non-paying job and I have class (Level 3 just started yesterday) and rehearsals (in a new troupe with Clif from Men In Shirts and Darin R Webb of The Remainders!) the 5 Saturdays they are filming (in Manhattan Beach, which is like an hour away from where I live), so I'm going to turn it down. But I was still super excited to get the call.

Tomorrow I have an audition in Santa Monica for Total Core (an ab machine) as Woman On The Street. This one *is* a paying job. Thursday I have an interview with the Zanuck Agency. They contacted me through LACasting and I sent them my headshot/resumé a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't expecting to hear from them so quickly! So, things are going really well out here. Better than expected. So far I'm 3 for 3 on auditions and bookings. Not that I expect to keep that up, by any means. It's just a LOT better than I was ever expecting to do. I've done more stuff here in 3 months than I did in PHX in 4 years. To be fair, though, LA is a slightly bigger market.

Oh, and I sort of impulse bought a laptop today. Macbook. I've done the research and wanted a laptop for a while, but I was planning on waiting til the end of February. Not so much. I walked right in and told the guy what I wanted. He said, well, let me show you this model. I said, I'm literally only going to use it for wireless internet, photos, and music. I don't need the version that's $400 more. They have a 90 day no interest finance plan available, so he had me fill out the info as he went to the back. I was done quickly, and grabbed a passing girl to help print it up. It was processing my info when she said, "Don't worry. Hardly anyone gets approved over the website." At that moment, my approval code popped up. "Wow! You're one of the few! I don't think I've every seen that before. Usually we have to call in with additional bank information." Oh, honey. I've been obsessed with my credit rating for about 10 years now. I can get approved for just about anything.

So, anyway, I now must go upload my itunes onto my new Mac! Hooray!


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