Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I ordered my Nikon D80 on the 29th. They shipped it on the 30th. I was able to get 2 day free shipping b/c I spent so much. I have been tracking my order ever since, and I was supposed to get it today. Anytime up until 7pm. They called last night to confirm. Today at 6:20pm, the UPS site had "Moved" in the status column. I immediately called, seeing as I hadn't moved all day. I had been processing claims in anticipation of my delivery that should have come a week ago. The nice CS rep updated the system and confirmed my address. Yep, they had the correct address. I have no idea what happened. BOO!! So, tomorrow they're s'posed to come.

Sunday I got the best wrong number call of my life. I never answer my phone when I'm eating with people, unless it's a number I don't know. I'm signed up with LA Casting, so if someone wanted to get a hold of me for a job, I'm not about to let that go to voice mail. Anyway, it showed up "Restricted". I answered.

Me: Hello?
Older Black Woman: Well, hi! How're you?
Me: I'm fine. Who are you trying to reach?
OBW: Vanessa. Is Vanessa there?
Me: No. I'm Ashley.
OBW: Well, hi, Ashley, how're you?
Me: Uh, fine. Who is this?
OBW: It's your grandmother!

***Now, I know what my Nana's voice sounds like, and it sure wasn't the woman on the other end of this conversation. However, I was thoroughly confused, as she seemed to know me even after I said my name.***

Me: Um, I don't think so. This is Ashley Nugent.
OBW: Oh, my, I'm so sorry! I must have the wrong number! I thought you were my granddaughter, Ashley.

***Turns out this lady's grandchild and I share the same name***

We talked a little longer about how funny the whole situation was, and I wished her luck at calling her family. This woman was so nice. That conversation made my day.


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