Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Well, it's been a month since he ended it. Last night I was really sad. Talked to my parents for a while. My dad is confident next year will be The Year for the Cubs, since it will be the century anniversary of The Curse. I tried really hard not to bring him up--to just have a normal conversation with them--but then I started crying and they were all what's wrong and I was all blah blah blah I miss him.

Tonight I'm watching the Harold competitions with Ben. We're going to grab some Thai food first. It's funny--I don't like Thai food, but I went with a group of people when they were in town for BD's wedding and they had this cashew chicken thing that was practically the most delicious dish I've ever tasted. So I'm looking forward to that again.

My hair is growing out. I don't hate it so much anymore.


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