Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well, tonight begins the Long Party Weekend. People are in from out of town for BD's wedding. Clippard and her date arrive Saturday morning and are staying with me. Which is nice, b/c Faith is back in AZ, so I won't be so lonely.

I get to see Tosha tonight at Dustin's bday bash. I can't wait!!! Saturday we're all going to iO to watch Dustin's troupe, Rigor Tortoise. Plus, Caroline is already planning a lunch and Kristin and I are doing dinner. Sunday is the wedding, so I'll be in Malibu all day. Not too shabby. I will probably spend that morning getting their gift and wrapping it, cuz that's the kinda friend I am. Monday is Tosha Day. I'm taking her to the Stinking Rose for her bday lunch (which was actually the 18th), then dropping her and Craig at the airport. LAX, unfortunately. So, I probably won't sleep until Monday night. But this weekend has all the makings of fun.

Oh, and tomorrow the Direct TV guy is coming! Hooray! I get TiVo again! Just in time for the fall season to start.

Well, seeing as I haven't worked all day, I should probably get to that.


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