Thursday, September 13, 2007

Today I go to the beach. I can't work b/c I've worked the last 6 days and by my contract and California law, I'm not allowed to work more than 6 in a row. Granted, they haven't been 6 full days. I worked about 4 hours each day. So, anyway, Buol is going to give me one last surfing lesson (he doesn't have a wetsuit and the water is getting horribly cold). The waves will be empty, as it's a work day and school is back in session. So, hopefully I'll actually stand up! That would be great.

I woke up today not feeling so bad. Off to a good start. And I'll be distracted most of the day, so I think this one might be tear-free!! Faith, on the other hand, got wasted last night, came home, and threw up. She will not be having a great day. I will go check on her now.


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