Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Celebrity Sighting #2

Last night I went with Faith to the Egyptian to watch Across the Universe. It was a special showing with a Q&A with Julie Taymor (who I happen to think is a genius) and the two writers. There was a little red carpet and some press. The cast was there, doing their thing, and who should walk by but Kate Bosworth!

Then I watched the weirdest scene unfold: At the beginning of the red carpet were all the photographers. Once they had enough of you, you walked down and were interviewed on camera or tape. One of the cast members was getting his picture taken, and Kate was waiting patiently to enter the scene. She was standing about 5 feet away from the press. Then, she jumps into the pictures with the lead guy. The photographers go nuts! The flashes quadruple and everyone is yelling her name and telling her to turn this way and put her hand here. It was so bizarre!! I mean, just seconds before they were pretending she didn't exist. Then when she hit the red carpet, they couldn't get enough of her.

And I was oh-so-sad she's not still with Orlando. Because that would have been the happiest day of my life. Also, Kate Bosworth is a wee little thing. The woman standing next to us had a ham sandwich, and I wanted to run over and shove it down little Katie's throat.


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