Tuesday, September 04, 2007

back and exhausted.

saw a tiny bit of improv--actually ended up volunteering more than i saw shows. which was fine, because everything i saw was free. except for the coldtowne show. i paid for that (they get a cut of the door and i must support my peeps!)

parties 3 nights in a row for a girl who doesn't party is hazardous to your health. the first night i pushed through til i want to say 5 am. the second night i took justin's car and went back to his house to read for about an hour before they called for a ride. the third night at 3:30 i crashed in his backseat. until the most uncomfortable moment of my life: a heavy conversation which ended in crying taking place right outside the car. i pretended to be invisible and tried oh-so-hard not to listen. too bad muffliato isn't real.

monday was wonderful. slept in. cuddled on couch watching tv all day. very nice. and relaxing. cooked for the boys so they will have leftovers this week. but i bet the food won't last much past today. 3 boys can devour quite a bit. my flight was at 6:40 this morning, so i'm still wicked tired. i'm supposed to be working right now, but i think i will take today off. or at least take a nap and work later tonight.

another iO class tomorrow night!!! i saw some pretty bad improv this weekend. which makes me want to be in a troupe and perform in festivals!!! or, just be in a troupe and perform. i don't care where. come to my house and sit on my couch and i will do scenes for you.

oh, improv, how do i love thee.


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