Friday, September 28, 2007

Celebrity Sighting # 3

Yesterday was a horrible day at work. Because of the wedding and out of towners, I only had 3 days to do 160 claims. Which would have been fine if I'd done 60 claims each day. But because of system problems and staying up too late and sleeping in and improv, I had to do 75 claims yesterday. At 9, I breathed a huge sigh of relief and drove to Korea Town to pick up Buol and Chris Gaede. We went to Swingers, which is a really good diner-type thing. The waitresses are all alternative-indie hot, which I think is a big appeal for the boys.

Anyway, I didn't have my glasses on (my eyes hurt when I look at up close things), so this guy a few tables away was pretty fuzzy. But he was heavily tattooed and had very specific facial hair. I put my glasses on to get a better look.

Me: Is that...
Chris: Oh yeah.
Buol: Why do I have to be facing the wrong direction?
Me: Dave Navarro.


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