Sunday, August 26, 2007

I forgot to bring a change of clothes for after spinning this morning. I can't tell you how gross my ride home was. After the spinning class lets out, maintenance comes in to mop the floors. Even though people bring towels and everything, sweat still gets everywhere. I was trying to sit forward in my seat so I wouldn't get it wet. I'll leave you with that image.

Oh, and I just found out through my mom (who works at the library in front of my high school and calls me with weekly updates on everyone I used to know), that Tony Rimas is living in Austin. Hopefully I will get a chance to see him and meet his wife. He's a friend from school, but more importantly, he was my first real boyfriend. Yep. We went out from the end of 5th grade (if I remember correctly, he asked me out on the last day of school) to the beginning of 7th grade. So pretty much my whole life I've been a LTR kinda girl. He was my first french kiss. I remember talking to him on the phone and Kristen Keebaugh was in my room. We were making plans to go to a movie the next day. His parents would take, my parents would pick up.

Tony: Can I kiss you tomorrow?
Me: Of course. (he'd already kissed me on the cheek (first time was at a movie--UHF) and a few times on the lips. this was after a year of going out. remember those days...back when we used to take it slow?)
Tony: No, I mean with tongue.
Me: Hold on. *covers phone and whispers to Kristen* He wants to kiss me with tongue. What do I do?!?
Kristen: Say yes! *she had already kissed her boyfriend, Gabe Kleinhenz, with tongue.*
Me (back to Tony): Um, okay.

He was also the first boy who ever said "I love you." It was a thunderstorm and we were talking on the phone (I did a lot of talking on the phone in those days). The only room I could hear him was the downstairs bathroom. So I'm all crouched in the corner, plugging one ear, talking on the phone to my boyfriend. We decide to get off the phone b/c the thunder is so loud that it's hard for both of us to hear each other.

Tony: Well, I guess we can talk more tomorrow.
Me: Ok. Well, have a good night.
Tony: I love you.
Me: I love you, too.

I'm pretty sure that the second I hung up the phone squealing immediately commenced.

Ah, the memories. And now he's all grown up and mad successful and hopefully I'll get to say hi!



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