Friday, August 10, 2007


Faith's mom (Patty), sister (Charity), and niece (Asha) are visiting this week. Two nights ago, at 1am, it felt like Asha was shaking my bed, trying to wake me up. I rolled over and said, "What do you need, sweetie?" and realized no one was there. I immediately started to freak out. See, I have this absurd fear of ghosts and assorted scary things, and of course that's where my mind went. To the part in The Exorcist where the bed is all floating in the air. I'm half asleep, trying to gather my senses. I look around my room to see if anything else is shaking. But right then, it stops. It was very subtle, so I thought I might have been imagining it. Then I notice the hall light is on. I go downstairs. Patty is up and asks if that was an earthquake.


I was all excited to experience my first earthquake! Sarah's been here 3 years and has only felt 1, so I didn't think my chances were that great. But I did. It was very weird. Turns out it was a 4.5, with the epicenter pretty far away from where we live, and no injuries were reported.

After I got over the excitement, I realized my car is parked under our apartment building. If it's ever a big one, my car is toast. So, although it was supercool to feel the earth move in that way, I've decided I'm over it. So, if there ever are any more, please keep them small enough for no injuries or property damage.


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