Wednesday, May 16, 2007

a lot of people have been asking about the move to l.a. most of those people read this. so here is the rundown:

Friday morning leave at 3 am to drive out there to sit in traffic to start the search for apartments! Look for apartments all day.

Friday night (this was just decided two minutes ago) go out to the arclight for dinner/socializing w/ z's friends.

Saturday morning get up and look for apartments all day. Choose a place and apply. Hopefully get approved over the weekend.

Saturday night drive back to PHX.

Sunday - Tuesday = process claims all day. Take breaks to pack.

Rent truck Wednesday. Load crap into truck. Move crap to L.A.

I will stay in L.A. that weekend b/c Justin will be there for OoB West. Also, check out that line up! I will get to see Asaf and Jesse and Joe and Pgraph which I've heard a lot about. Actually, I think I want to see all of the shows. We are going to a Cubs game at some point. I forget when. Anyway, I will come back to PHX b/c internet will probably not be set up in Cali, so I will have a sleeping bag and my work stuff here, and that's about it. Wednesday I have a dentist appt and will babysit Ethan and Cassy's mom's kid that night. Thursday I will pack up the rest of my stuff and move. I hopeHopeHOPE internet is set up by then. Otherwise I'm kinda screwed.

I know there are a ton of people who wanted to get together. That's not gonna happen. I'm sorry. Things got all squished together and I have no time. But I'll be back in town frequently, so we'll definitely make time. Besides, I bought an Apollo 12 show. So at some point, Faith and I will come back here and have a going away party. A12 will perform!

And that's the scoop!


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