Monday, May 28, 2007

Cubs Game!!!

Saturday Justin, Chris, and I went to a Cubs game. We missed the first inning b/c every entrance we tried to go in wouldn't let us. Score was 0-0. Then, the first two hits of the game were homers by the Cubbies! I immediately thought (after a lifetime of being a fan via my father), "OK, boys, how are you going to mess this up?" I was on the phone with Cosand, and he said they were up the last game he saw.

"Did you finish the game?"

"No, but I think I stopped watching in the 9th inning."

Oh, Cosand, let me tell you a thing or two about the Chicago Cubs...Uh, they lost that game. Also, a game before they were up by I think 4 runs by the 9th, and still managed to lose. Anyway, the most interesting part of the game didn't happen on the field. It happened in our section. Here is a semi-shortened version: 7 kids tried to get a wave started. They tried oh-so-hard, but nothing ever happened. Then an unrelated kid took a Dodgers flag and ran down the length of the seats. When he came back, people started cheering. He continued running the length back and forth. Eventually a wave started. It took a couple of times, but it finally made it around the entire stadium. I gotta say--it's pretty dang cool to watch a wave start, then go around an entire stadium full of 54,000 people. *Then* a third kid held up a cubs hat and got ejected from the park. I'm not kidding. I felt like I was a part of a Twilight Zone episode. I mean, I couldn't believe he was kicked out. It's not like he was running the aisle and getting in people's way like the Dodger's kid. But, whatever.

Oh, and the best part of the game? Cubs won on a double play!!!

Chris is performing with Craig Cackowski Friday night. If you are in L.A., go see him!

Speaking of IO, I'm not sure when I'm going to start classes. The next round begins June 25. But I'm traveling most of July, so I may just wait til the next round starts. Plus that'll give me time to get settled in. There is still so much left to do. I think I just talked myself into waiting. Fabulous.

OK, back to work.


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