Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I had the longest, strangest dream last night. Lately, I've awakened from my dreams in a panic state. This morning I woke up peaceful and refreshed. It was a nice change.

P.S. Jy - Don't freak out. This was only a dream. It means nothing.

Geez. Boys. I tell ya. :-)

I dreamt I was getting married. My dad was walking me down this incredibly long aisle. We're talking a half a mile. By the time I got to the alter, it was a completely different setting. There were fifty steps that led up to I-don't-know-what. The priest was in the middle of the steps and Justin and I were right below him. There was a wooden criss/cross roof thing and it was outside and very sunny. I looked around and didn't recognize anyone in the crowd of about 1000. The ceremony was ridiculously long. We had to recite stuff that we hadn't rehearsed, but we didn't care. There was just this sense of overwhelming happiness. I had no idea what I was doing because it was a Catholic wedding and I'm not Catholic. We had to solve a cross word puzzle together. Justin said, "Let's get this show on the road. I love this girl." And I thought, "Oh, good. I like that the first time he said that was our wedding day."

I looked at the front row and noticed his dad was sweating. (Except the semi-conscious part of me thought, that's not what his dad looks like.) We left the ceremony and took him to a lounge area outside of the steps area. The three of us sat on this huge leather reclining chair. I remember the color and the shine of the material. The floor was stone and there were vines and stone ponds around. His dad was sick or something and we just sat there as he told us stories about boats and dogs and children. We laughed until he felt better. Then we went back to the stairs because, oh yeah, we're supposed to get married. Well, Molly Jo Head (a girl I went to college with) was wearing the same dress as me, and they were lifting her up on a wooden chair and carrying her around. And I thought, wow, I'm glad I have a stand in for that--because it looks really dangerous. There were four other couples waiting to get married, so our ceremony was over. But we never actually got married. And it didn't matter. Eh, we'll do it later.

Then I'm outside with my mom and we're walking a small dog. Not as small as my sister's, but small all the same. I forget what we're talking about. But I remember it was night and along a river. That part lasted a long time, but I can't remember what happened or what we talked about. Only that the moon looked beautiful and I was happy. The dog ran ahead of us to the same door from the ceremony earlier. Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to be on my honeymoon. But does it count since I never technically got married? We open the door to daylight and the beach. (Again, the semi-conscious part of my brain thought, IMDB/goofs/continuity) There are thousands of people around. Everyone from the wedding was there. Some people were playing volleyball. Justin was sitting on a blanket with his back to me, wet from the ocean, talking to friends. I run up behind him and jump on his back. He stands up and we play volleyball piggy-back style. But there are gnats and bees everywhere. He runs around, trying to get away. I try swatting them dead. Then I let go with my arms and hang upside-down from his waist by my legs. I do a back walk-over as a dismount. He looks at me.

"I'm going swimming," I say.

"I'm going back to the blanket," he says.

"OK, see ya later."

We waive to each other go our separate ways. I run to the ocean and close my eyes and tilt my head up to the warm sun and breath in the delicious ocean air and smile.


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