Saturday, April 21, 2007

it was easier when it was just me. adding another person to the mix complicates things. but we had a good talk today, and since it's only for 6 months, she's willing to suffer without a washer/dryer in house.

it's getting close and so many things are up in the air. i'm really scared/nervous/excited/terrified. i tried to look for apartments today--even made a few calls. but because i don't know what my job situation is going to be yet, it got really depressing really fast.

i feel very stagnant in some ways. i know that the upcoming festival will light my fire again. festivals seem to do that. new york, toronto, austin, tucson. each time i came home, i had this renewed improv energy in me. PIF is only 3 weeks away, and I'm taking some awesome workshops. i looked at the IO website, and classes probably won't start up again until july or august. that's fine. it'll give me some time to get settled in.

and i haven't even started thinking about the people i'm going to miss. can you hear it? my heart is breaking right now. i only have a handful of shows left. then it's no more head-butts to hagrid's chest or pinky touches from josé or exact same childhood memories with bill or making michelle purr or jeff and his obscene history knowledge or mack and his dry wit that i love or greg and his inappropriate phrases or shane carey and the fact that just looking at him makes me happy. i listened to his podcast last night and was all smiles.

eff. i just need to get through this next week. then i'll have a better idea of where i stand.

excuse me. i think i'm going to go throw up now. or cry. i'm not sure which.


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