Friday, April 06, 2007

I am the tiredest of girls. After the Maundy Thursday service last night it was my full intention to come home and go to bed. But I haven't seen the boys in a while. So we tried the new Pita Jungle, as it was only a mile away. It is very swanky and upscale. Which kinda makes me sad. But the garlic dip is just as tasty. Jeff, Jeff, and David had never eaten at the original. Which surprises the heck out of me. David grew up in Tempe (where the original is located), Jeff and Jeff both spent the majority of their lives in AZ. Yet this was their first experience. I love sharing good places to eat with good friends. And I think it's safe to say they loved the food.

After PJ, we went to Coldstone. P.S. the NW corner of 44th and Indian School is my new favorite corner in all of AZ. There is a Chevron, which is my preferred gas, Pei Wei, PJ, Coldstone, and some other stuff but I forget because those four places are the most important. So we sat outside and had ice cream. Then I drove home. Then I text messaged until I fell asleep.

And now the day begins. Looking forward to tomorrow, because I have a boatload of crap that has been piling up over the last several weeks, and now I can sort through it. And sleep past 6. And do my taxes. And get my toes done with Cassy--her last Saturday of being a non-married woman. Sadly, she's too busy to have a bachelorette party. So I will pay for her toes.

*yawn* *stretch* OK, breakfast and work.


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