Thursday, October 12, 2006

Last night I cancelled my session with Eric and took a nap instead. This was a good idea--I didn't get the migraine. Yea for that! Car is packed. Camera is ready. Banana nut bread is made. Directions are printed. Excitement is brewing.

With 10+ people staying in the house, there will be minimal alone time. But I'm hoping to get away from everyone and chill out for a while. I've constantly been around so many people lately that I miss just being by myself. At least I have a solo 5 hour car ride in a few hours. :-) And the house where I'm staying tonight is going to be empty when I get there. So that will be a nice transition. I can stretch and go to bed.

Cross your fingers that I don't go crazy and buy a surfboard and wetsuit this weekend!


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