Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at work!!

OK, not really--ever since Kelly's cheer last Thursday, Faith and I have had that stuck in our heads. But there was one last night at home. After another enlightening session with Eric at the gym (this one involved a discussion of the pros and cons of living in New Orleans. pro: southern woman just want to please you. ie "cooking, cleaning, other stuff...you know"), Faith helped me figure out my Saturday night outfit. I wanted to look nice, but not too dressy. So I'm wearing my $5 skirt I got with Michelle (originally $78), and a purple scoop neck tshirt I got with Faith. The scoop is low enough to be foxxxy, but not too low to be trashy. Tosha will very much appreciate it. Faith's letting me borrow a funky necklace and bracelet. Oh, and I'm wearing my cute brown heels.

Tonight's festivities include grocery shopping for banana nut bread ingredients. I'm making one for the people staying in the Malibu house. And I have to hit Sam's Club to pick up 4 bottles of liquor. The people staying in the house are bringing two bottles each to stock the party. Caroline wanted it to be a little classier. She's hiring a bartender and didn't want it to be BYOB. So, we're supplying the drinks. And I'm buying for zha, as he has to fly in from NYC. Oh, and I'm going to *try* to make this yoga class at 7. But between work, another session with Eric, and my errands, I may not make it.

Heroes was last night. I haven't had a chance to complain about the crappy writing, melodramatic acting, giant plot holes, and complete ridiculousness of it (I mean, come on! If you're going to bury guys out in the middle of the desert, don't freaking leave your shovel in the ground (which, by the way, was oh-so-sparkly and looked brand new, not like it had just been used for the past 6 hours to dig up the earth!) right on the spot (as a headstone) where their dead, rotting corpses are!). But I still watch, in hopes that it will get better. And for Hiro. That guy is great!

Oh, some pseudo-exciting news: The Neverending Story was my favorite movie growing up. Stephanie Pilgrim and I would watch that and The Dark Crystal every Friday and Saturday night for about three years straight. The first night Foxy Boy and I hung out years ago, he looked through the movies I owned and picked that one out to watch. I immediately liked him. Well, when we talked this weekend, he mentioned it was playing at the Beverly Center. Now, I can't tell if he was kidding or if he was serious. On top of that, if he was serious, it might not be playing on Thursday. But how great would that be to go see my favorite childhood movie on the big screen?!!?! I would implode with happiness!

Oh man, 2 more days!


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