Friday, September 29, 2006

miscellaneous thoughts

Today is just data entry at work, so i'm taking a quick break. It's not so bad; I can listen to my music.

Hip hop was really fun last night. I haven't seen Michelle in forever, and I miss working out with her. In this class, we always stand in the back. My current favorite song is by Justin Timberlake. I don't know what it's called, but he's bringing sexy back. After we learn the routine, she puts that song on for us to dance to. I get very excited. After the class, the instructor comes up to Michelle, Missy (her sis), and I, to ask if we've been before. She's the new instructor and wanted to introduce herself. She turns to me and says, "So, you really like that JT song." I then realize that even though I stand in the back, I am not invisible. There are three walls of mirrors. Also, I don't wear my glasses when I work out. So most of the class is very blurry. But other people have better eyesight than me, and I am not blurry to them. Oh boy.


Faith got the mail yesterday. I was finishing some stuff up on the computer, when she yelled, "I can't believe you got this!!!" For a split second I thought I had won money or something, and was very excited.
me: got what?
faith: THX!!!
Apparently, she had just been thinking about that movie two days ago, and was thrilled that it came in the mail.
me: oh, well, you had mentioned you wanted to see it months ago, and it's just now making its way to the top of my netflix list.
It is at this point that her eyes start filling with tears. That was the absolute best reaction to anything I've done on a lark. I mean, the girl couldn't believe that I remembered she wanted to see it, and she couldn't believe that it came in the mail 2 days after she had been thinking about how to get a hold of a copy. That seriously made my day.


There is no suspense in the world anymore, thanks to the internet. We tried to tape the series premier of Heroes, but the tape was bad (reason 984 why I miss Tivo). Luckily, you can go to nbc.com and watch the whole episode online. This is wonderful for me, who cannot wait three days to watch it at Bill's (who has Tivo). So, I watch the episode. Did you see it? At the end the nurse kid who thinks he can fly jumps off this building. His older brother ends up flying up to catch him so he doesn't die. The kid is really upset that his brother has the power when he thought he did. So he lets go. That's how the show ends. Now, because I have absolutely zero patience, I immediately went to the imdb to look up the show. The nurse kid is slated for the first 7 episodes. So, clearly, he does not die. I must say, though, I worry about the girl who killed those two thugs and her reflection shushed her.


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