Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I will, it seems, never learn. Last paycheck was about half of what it normally is because of the fire above. I couldn't work for an entire week. Last week was a new week, but I had improv literally 7 nights in a row, plus teaching, coaching, and training sessions. So I only did the minimum amount of work. Every Friday I say I'll just work 5 hours each day for the weekend. That way, by Monday I'll have almost hit my minimums. If something comes up during the week, I can go to that. Duke has invited me to hang out on his days off a few times, but I'm always scrambling to get my hours in. This weekend wrapped up my crazy improv marathon, plus Nanna was in town. So I didn't work one drop until Monday. I was able to get in 7.5 hours when I was kicked off the system. My claims are stored on the common drive. I can't process claims if I can't access the common drive. I emailed our IT guy and my supervisor to let them know I was having problems. Then I shut everything down and figured it would re-set itself over night. Sometimes it does that.

Not this time.

Marlynn called me the next day to let me know our server blew up. Everything is down. Our IT guy had been working all night trying to fix it b/c he had jury duty the next day and wasn't going to be at work. Turns out it won't be fixed until Friday at the earliest. I'm crippled. Marlynn is overnighting me claims. It is 3:07 and they have not arrived. I have to pick up the dog from his last day of training, walk him, shower, and coach tonight. My processing time availability for the day is fast departing. I can work a full 10 hours tomorrow, but that won't be enough to hit my minimums. My next paycheck is going to be super small, as well. And yet I'm hemorrhaging money. I just dropped close to $1800 on another round of personal training. At the end of the month-once class and high school is over-I'm going to sign up for dance lessons. If I were working a full 40 hours a week, which, by the way, isn't hard, I would not be worried about spending all this money. And yet, I am super lazy and not motivated to get stuff done.

Something has to change. But what? How do I get out of this rut? How do I manage my time better? If only I'd worked 4 stinking hours a day over the weekend, I'd be at my minimums and I wouldn't be worried about my paycheck. But no. I'm slacking and having too much fun. Fun isn't wrong, necessarily, but when it's getting in the way of daily responsibilities, it should be reigned in a bit. I have several mini-vacations coming up: LA, PHX, NOLA, and even an overnight at a spa. I have PLENTY of down time. And yet, I can't quite seem to squeeze in work. I love my job. I love the flexibility it affords me. I just can't seem to get a handle on it. I remember Barb saying she'd never telecommute again. She'd tried it several years ago. "I'm just the type of person who needs the structure of an office." I think I might be that type of person. So how do you change who you are?


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