Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ahhh!! I am having horrible feelings of guilt! Professor Snugglebottoms is making the saddest noises. He's whimpering and shaking and has this weird noisy sigh that's new. The Cone of Shame is preventing him from doing just about everything. Since he's so low to the ground he can't go up or down stairs. He's bumping into things. It took him a while to figure out how to eat. He's knocking into the wall. It's really funny, then I immediately feel bad for laughing at him. I gave him a pain pill, which definitely helped. He complained the entire way home, but wouldn't take the pill unless I hid it in his food. So, for about an hour he was really unhappy.

But the nice thing is I can tell a difference already. I took him out to pee before the car ride home. Instead of going 8 different places, he let everything out all at once. Also, I have an estimate for the knee surgery, and it's about half of what the other place was going to charge. Plus, they are only going to do one knee since the other one isn't that bad. I'm still going to wait a year. I need to get my insane debt paid down first.

So, 10 days of Cone of Shame. 5 days of pain meds. In 3 days I can take him out on walks again, but not brisk and not for very long. I wish I could fast forward to day 10 for his sake. Poor little booger.


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