Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I want to cry. We have been without internet since last Thursday. Which means I don't work. Which means I don't get paid. Which means I get more stressed about money than I already am. We just got back up and running yesterday afternoon. So I only have 2 full days to process my claims. This paycheck is going to be oh so tiny.

We have to track our claims on a spread sheet. The system crashed and I lost my claims. I had to go back by hand and figure out where I left off. And I told myself, hey, idiot, save your spreadsheet every 10 claims at the least! And usually I do. I just haven't been in my processing groove since everything has been so messed up. It took me forever to go back by hand and figure out what I had done. Seeing as I get paid per claim, it's very important that I get them all.

Well, what happens 10 minutes before I'm ready to log off for the day? System crashes. And what haven't I done since 11 o'clock this morning? Saved my spreadsheet.



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