Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What an awesome shoot! My original call time was 4, but they asked me around 11 to come in at 3. I said sure. Then forgot. Not a good way to start off. But I got there around 3:30, camera ready (which means hair and make up done for those lay people). They picked out my outfits and we were off! There was no script, they just told us what they wanted and we basically improvised. I was a lady getting discount botox and another actor played my doctor. He was pretty quiet.

When we were shooting the director jokingly said to me, let's get this done in one take. I said ok and did. When he called cut, he was all: man, you don't mess around. Nope. Especially when I'm 30 minutes late and we're losing daylight fast. I did some funny things that they really liked, but that were not over the top or corny. Mainly, what cracked the crew up the most was when the doctor was done giving the injections, I asked several questions in a row, very quickly. Isitdone,DoIlookOK,Arethewrinklesgone? So, we kept that. We did pretty much all of our stuff in one take.

Then we moved to the hot tub. That's where I had my big death scene. Basically, my entire body becomes paralyzed with the bad batch of botox and I slip under. We really only had one chance to do that. Once my head was wet, there was no going back. The last shot was me at the bottom of the hot tub, eyes open, grimacing. It was pretty cool. The crew was wonderful and really seemed like a lot of fun to be around. (They all burst into song at one point.) As I was walking to my car, everyone I passed told me I was awesome. The fantastic makeup lady, whose name I immediately forgot after she told me, like, 3 times, said the director was really happy with my stuff. I'm so glad! I seriously felt like such a cow turd for being late when they were rushing around trying to get out early, that I was glad to get my stuff done quickly and done well.

It looks like Spike posts the episodes online as well as show them on the channel. As soon as it's up, I'll post a link.

What an amazing experience.


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