Monday, August 11, 2008

From Josh, who worked on the set this weekend. Also my boogie boarding buddy on the Malibu trip a few years ago:

By the way, we were looking at the footage of You and Jonathan right after his 'fireworks in 40 min speech' and there was a take where right after, you took this huge sip from your straw like getting drunk was a top priority mission from Captain Choove.


Man, I really had a lot of fun on that set. "Hey, Ashley, have some more to drink!" "Hey, Ashley, hang on this guy that is so hot you two would never have a conversation in real life!" OK, Behn. I guess I can do that for you. I was also Dustin's official Piggy Back Ride Giver. I told him if he's ever hired on a film set where he's making the big bucks that he should hire me to give him piggy back rides to and from set. How pretentiously awesome is that!?!


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