Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've spent the past two days moving from one apartment to another across the courtyard of our complex. I love the new place. I'm looking forward to adding the dynamic of not only another roommate, but a guy. I am sore all over from hiking up and down 6 flights of stairs.

Last night, Faith and I got massages at 9. My guy was from Lebanon, so sometimes it was hard to understand him, and I had to ask him to repeat himself. He would tell me what he was massaging next in a question. He would say, "Clavicle?" As in, "I massage your clavicle next, you cool with that?" I would just say yes and not really pay attention to what he was doing. It was the deepest deep tissue massage I've ever received, so I was trying to breathe through all the pain. (It was much needed, since I'd been so physical lately) Anyway at one point he says, "Roots?" And I just say yes, thinking he was massaging my legs, as that was where he was heading. All of the sudden, he was hiking my underpants up into my crack and working on my ass cheeks. Oh, GLUTES! Awesome. I would have normally said no thank you and just work on my calves and feet, since they were in the most pain, but his hands were already kneading away at my bum. Note to self: pay more attention next time, lest a stranger get to 3rd base without your knowledge.


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