Thursday, May 03, 2007

Last night was another Neutrino show. It was after a free showing of the Delmonic Interviews. I was on a team with Tommy Schaeffer (actor), Bill (runner), and Michelle (director). Tommy and I talked about how guy/girl scenes always turn into boyfriend/girlfriend scenes. So maybe our characters could be siblings or cousins. Then we talked about having a completely silent scene.

That inspired Michelle. We were all pretty stoked on the idea of not talking. But we didn't want to force anything. As soon as our team got our item - a silver angel that may have been a nickle at one time--we ran to the art area. She took still shots of us, then cut to us in the bathroom, making out. So much for being siblings. I've been fortunate enough to avoid a make out scene up til that point. As idiotic as it sounds, it's something I'm not really comfortable with. But I'm glad Tommy was my scene partner last night, b/c I think he's the only person in PNP I would feel comfortable fake making out with.

So, the first segment we didn't speak. The second segment was pretty silent. But it came out that he was dating someone and needed to end it. The third segment was a fight. Our whole story line was straight. No comedy at all. Tommy even mentioned at one point that he felt a little odd in the car b/c it felt real. That is fantastic!!

In KsomeA, our scene work was very real. We absolutely did not go for comedy. I'm not saying everything was super serious, but we weren't being silly. Which is sometimes how it can go. Bill directed us, and there were times when I could tell he was uncomfortable watching the scenes. Only because they weren't happy-go-lucky scenes. They dealt with real problems and real emotions.

Sometimes I wonder if audiences are ready for that. Not audiences in general, just *our* specific audience for PNP. I mean, if you go in to something and think it's going to be lighthearted and you're going to laugh, but then it's not that at all...well, you'd be disappointed. Or maybe you just flat out wouldn't like it. There are certain expectations. I don't feel like I'm expressing my thoughts on this very well. Hmm...But we only had 5 people in the audience, and the other two teams could be funny, so this was a perfect time to experiment.

Anyway, as soon as it's up, I'll post the link.


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