Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Almost didn't go to rehearsal last night. Things have been a little crazy since Sunday morning, and I was in the middle of a phone conversation when I left. I sat in the parking lot outside Bill's place for a half hour until our talk was finished. Hagrid tm'ed me to see where I was, but I couldn't respond. I'd been kinda raw, emotionally, and drained. When I hung up, for a billionth of a second I almost turned my car back on and went home. Then I thought it would be good to be around my friends. So I went in. Hagrid, Mr. Watson, and Shane were there. I made the decision to warm up, but just sit and watch rehearsal.

They stand up and we are going to start warm ups. Hagrid says something to me. I forget what. And whatever my response was--not the usual, bouncy Tonks--made him come over and give me a hug. I immediately start crying. Crap. I friggin' A) hate crying, B) hate crying in front of other people, and C) especially hate crying in front of several guys. After I get my stupid crying out of the way, I decide to participate in rehearsal. So we end up doing this emotional check in. Then Cosand, Michelle, and Greg show up. Rehearsal was simple and fun. We just did scenes to songs. I had a super fun one with Greg that ended in him rapping and me cracking up but not caring that I was breaking character. It reminded me of another song we did in rehearsal a million years ago where I did this silly dance behind him. Then there was a scene/song with Jeff that got really intense. We Hugged It Out, clap clap. And Michelle and Hagrid were fantastico.

I was super glad I went, but also glad rehearsal was short. I definitely wasn't up for a full on hard core rehearsal. But I was glad to be surrounded by people I love who love me back. Hooray for improv!!!

Seriously, how does the rest of the world deal with life? It seems an impossible feat.


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