Friday, April 20, 2007

Where there are two baby spiders, a hundred more siblings are close by.

I moved my bed to the floor this past week because I didn't trust the weight of two people on a loft above my computer equipment. I kept it on the floor the past couple of days because I am lazy. Tonight I wanted to lay down before Neutrino rehearsal because I am tired.

I plopped down, and two baby spiders scampered right across the place where my head belongs. Yes, scampered. In fact, they were practically frollicking. Since I am no longer deathly afraid of spiders, I killed them. Then I spent the next 10 minutes on my hands and knees with my face pressed against the ground, trying to find the others. If it was only one spider, I wouldn't have looked. But they're not exactly known for their pack-like behavior. Anyway, I didn't find any. But I *did* strip my sheets and immediately put them in the washer. And I moved my matress back above me. Now I'm just waiting for my matress pad to dry to make my bed to go to sleep to get up at 6.

It was no Infestation of '98, but tomorrow I'm going to RAID my entire room, just to be safe.

I feel like things are crawling on me right now.


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