Friday, April 20, 2007

I think Neutrino is my favorite. Because all the improvisers from different troupes are in it. I don't get to see Bri, Xchel, GravyTrain, Shane, Bob, Mark, Shawn, or John any other time. I only see Stacey, Tommy, and Jacque at PIF meetings.

Tonight was great. I'm super tired, but because of a minor spider infestation, must stay up for a while and wash things. Then get up to work at 6. Boo on that. Anyway, because so many people showed and two of the cameras weren't charged, Bri and I hung out and waited our turn. She asked how the move was going and I asked about her man. Mark comes in and decides to film us. We continue our conversation as I play with her hair. It was a little bizarre when he would say cut and we'd have to stop talking, but everyone really liked the scene. Because it was natural. They kept commenting on that. Yeah, folks, we know. We pretty much ignored Mark when he was moving all around and just kept talking. That's what girls do.

And now you know.


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