Wednesday, April 18, 2007

back to reality

So, he left today. There was some maybe talk about staying another couple of days, but that didn't work out.

Fun was had. Oregano's and a pazookie; Pita Jungle and the garlic dip. Cassy is *finally* married. The wedding was...well, she was super stressed and didn't look like she was enjoying herself until the reception. Yet another tick mark in the elopement category. The cook out turned into a cook in. Rain. Seriously. The first time in months that it's rained is the time I have people over for a bbq. But we made chicken in my oven and some of us hit the hot tub. We finished our taxes. Horseback riding was phenomenal! The weather was perfect for it. Thanks, Michelle, for setting that up!! Saw Candy for a pedi. I introduced him to the pilot of Alias. Then, all on his own, he asked to watch some more. Of course! We blew through the first 7 or 8 episodes. And he left with the rest of Season 1. Awesome!

As I watched him walk down the hall to security, I got all choked up--which really surprised me. So I immediately left before I could have an actual emotion.

Yep. I've got it pretty bad for this kid.


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