Sunday, March 18, 2007

If you don't count today (because today is over in one hour), then there are 25 days until he lands. And he's staying for almost a whole week! I'm trying not to plan every single second, but I pretty much already have. There will be a fun pool party/cookout that everyone is invited to, the wedding in Sedona (of course), a Remainders show in Casa Grande, horseback riding (woohoo!) a trip to the art museum, and dinner w/ Nancy & Bob. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a planner. I mean, there is no reason--especially this far out--to have this much planned. Obviously the wedding and the Remainders show are already taken care of. I guess it's just that there are things I want to do that I haven't taken the time to do yet (h/b riding, art museum) and this is a good excuse to do said things. The pool party is mainly for the fact that I haven't seen my friends on the regular basis that I used to, and we had muchos fun the last time out. Well, I did at least. Gay volleyball, anyone? And the Joe Schmo mini-marathon?

Anyway, I'm excited. Is it Dangerville yet?


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