Thursday, March 15, 2007

I have felt really great about the past few days at work. The heads of my company, our Carrier, and the company we took over are in town. I have been invited to meetings with them all b/c of my role in this take over. Yesterday I impressed the hell out of the COO of my company--to the point where she almost hugged me. This made my boss look good. Everyone was happy.

Then, today was the Big Meeting with Everyone. I was asked to talk about a few issues. I also raised some points throughout and answered some questions. After the meeting, my supervisor came running after me in the hall.

"Mike G was passing notes to me while you were speaking. He asked what your name was. Then he said you were incredibly smart. You present yourself very well in public."

Now, I don't think I can express how much that meant to me. It's hard being a girl and being taken seriously. I have been dismissed by strangers my whole life. Add the fact that I'm decently cute and have a big rack, and people just make all these assumptions. It's been a struggle my whole life, and not a good one. So, to finally be in a position where I'm being recognized for my efforts...well, it just feels damn good.


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