Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I have decided to stop worrying. This not telecommuting thing has been stressing me out. These 10.5 hour work days have been stressing me out. This not doing improv has been stressing me out. This my best friend is in another state and making commercials is stressing me out. This not being in the ocean is stressing me out.

I only have 2 more months to go. Tonight I will clean my room and listen to music and go to bed early. Tomorrow I will work out with Mike. Thursday I will eat dinner with my family. Saturday I will do a Neutrino show. Sunday I will go to Brandey's wedding. Friday I will perform in Las Vegas with The Remainders. Someday soon I will do my taxes.

I am not going to think about remote work. It will figure itself out. I will be picky about finding a job in l.a. I have fantastic references and am an awesome employee. Any place will be happy to have me. I have a savings account. I have a friend who will let me live with him for free as long as I need. I will continue to exercise and eat better and lose that 10% body fat. I will vacuum my floor. I will spend a lot of money going to Texas. I will be happy doing so.

I wonder if we will film the last scene before I move out there. I wonder if it will be weird. That Wednesday he called and we talked for an hour. About everything but the letter. I wonder if we ever will.


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