Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day 2 in Zero Productivity At Work. Here is a fun back and forth Steve and I had this morning. He works in the CA office, and we work together on this project. If we don't talk on the phone at least twice a day, I begin to wonder if something is wrong. So, enjoy:

ME: yeah, SharePoint being down is currently cramping my style.
STEVE: How how the heck do they expect us to do our job?? I say if its not available by 9:00 everyone that works on AJF goes home.
ME: agreed. i can make it to CA in 5 hours to surf!
STEVE: Its rainy and cold. Your probably better off where you are. Id say try a casino and play a little texas holdem. A nice way to kill a morning.
ME: speaking from experience, are we?
STEVE: Not me, if I left early im heading to the nearest church.

The conversation then turned to Mike, my trainer:

STEVE: Personal trainer. You guys make the big bucks out there. Do you have a nutritionist as well.
ME: Please. Don't even get me started on that. I'm a cute girl, so I got a smokin' deal on a year's worth of training.
STEVE: Oh great, so the attractive in shape girl gets the great training deal while the overweight slob pays through the nose. What a cruel world.
ME: whoa there, cowboy. I'm totally not in shape at all, as was demonstrated last night when mike kicked my butt for 30 minutes. besides, females make less. We have to come out ahead someplace!
STEVE: If females make out on gym fees I guess im ok with that. 23 minute until church.

He's not an improviser, but I must say I was quite pleased with how he full-circled that up!


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