Monday, February 26, 2007

Dear Doctors of the World:

If you have test results and need to discuss them with your patients, PLEASE do not call them after you close and leave a message saying, "It's nothing urgent, just some abnormal results we need to go over." ESPECIALLY if said patient checks the it's-okay-to-leave-personal-information-on-message-at-this-phone-number box.

Of course I'm now worried, especially with my history. The first time a pap came back abnormal, I was 19. My doctor was this really laid back chick. "I need to see you back in a couple of weeks for a follow up." This was my second pap in my life, so I thought it was routine. She didn't let me know anything until I came back. Then she gave me all this cancer stuff to read over and sign. So, instead of freaking out for 2 weeks, I only had 20 minutes. And it ended up being nothing. However, 3 years ago it *was* something--precancerous cells. Which was easily treated with cryosurgery. Totally painless. But still..I now have to wait until tomorrow and try not to think about the horrors of chemotherapy. Ugh.


At PIF last night:
Jacque: Well, Ashley is the only one who has responded to the Den Mom email. How many people can you hold?
Me: 5 comfortably, 7 uncomfortably but possible.
Bill: Can you take 53, because that's how many are coming.


Well, now I'm off to the store to buy washcloths and toilet paper. I used the last of mine last night, thinking I could just steal Faith's roll until we got more. Apparently, she has been using tissues for a week. Hello! Let me know these things and I will fix them.


Hagrid: Three posts in one day. Happy?


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