Sunday, December 31, 2006

One thing I must say about google blogger: it is superfast. I am quite happy with that.

Last night z and I saw the latest James Bond flick. It has the best opening stunt scene of any movie EVAR! A couple of days ago we watched Step Into Liquid, and there was an interesting statement made. "It is hard to judge creativity." I thought about that while watching this phenomenal sequence on screen. The creativity of the choreographer was amazing! I mean, they were basically running and jumping, but it was almost like watching Cirque. I couldn't believe some of the moves. And there were a couple of things that actually surprised me. I mean, seriously, how can you be surprised in an action sequence? Well, having a guy runs up a steel beam using his tennis shoes and bare hands is a start. And this stunt guy was unbelievable! I could go on and on about the pure magic of that scene, but you will just have to see it for yourself. Two thumbs up.

Watched Marvin's Room the other day. My childhood crush on Leonardo DiCaprio (from when he was Luke on Growing Pains) was renewed. I forgot what a great actor he was. And I've seen What's Eating Gilbert Grape and The Aviator and Catch Me If You Can and even Romeo + Juliet. Now I want to see Blood Diamond and The Departed. He's really good.

I haven't been able to do a lot of improv lately b/c of work. Friday night I went out for the Bingo Jam and was really nervous. But I absolutely LOVED my silent scene w/ Jeremy Schwartz. I was doing my business thinking of all of these great things to say. But there was a louder voice in my head that said "shut the eff up and just trust the scene already!" So I did and I was really happy with how it turned out. That was also the first time z has ever seen me do improv, which was really cool. It was fun to watch my friends on stage, and it was fun to perform again.

Well, this is the last day of the year. Things are already looking good for 2007, and I'm pumped about what's ahead. There is a possibility of doing a show in Austin the day before my birthday, which I'm just waiting to hear back about. Then I'm going to NC in February to watch Heather perform and also to see my grandma. And by March it's Sarah's goal to get me working from home. Then it's the parade of weddings: Brandy and OJ in March, Cassy and Bradley in April, Tosha and Craig and Matt and Veronica in July, and finally Tammy and Mike in August. The Big Move is still on track for May/June. Plus, I'm very determined to get back in the working out mode. I read Body-for-Life, which is a really lame book, I must say. The language is too colloquial. I mean, there was one page where he used the phrase "downright" four times. But, I like the exercise plan and am going to follow it. There was also a really interesting thought: You can't trust anyone until you trust yourself. And what good is your word if you consistently break promises you make to yourself? I have battled for 10 years trying to get into better shape. Each time I fail or give up, it's like weakening my own reliability. So now there's more weight (ugh, no pun intended AT ALL) behind my decision. I want to get into better shape so I can trust myself again.

Have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve celebration, everyone!

I'm excited.


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