Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ben has been going to a work out boot camp almost every week day morning for the past month. A couple of my friends ride their bikes everywhere. And then there are the Olympics. If a tight 16-yr-old ass can't inspire you to get into shape, nothing can.

I hit the gym today for the first time since the Great Ohio Food Devouring of 2008. Well, really since the Great Laziness: Summer 2008. It's a humbling experience to not be able to hit a yoga position not because I'm not flexible enough, but because my hip fat is in the way. My legs were shaking in poses I was able to hit last February with ease. My Chaturanga Dandasana is down the pooper. After yoga, I did my 45 minute spin routine and realized how my cardio has disappeared. It's very apparent b/c I'm not recovering nearly as quickly as I'd like. Or as I used to.

I leave for Austin a week from tomorrow, and will not have any sort of schedule while I'm there. And I realize that one week is not going to tighten what I've taken 6 months to squish. But it'll be good to have a routine for this week. That'll make it easier to get back into it when I return from Austin. This is my last trip planned for the year (except one back to PHX in Oct, but I don't count that since it's so close and only a weekend), so I have several months of improv, claims processing, and gym hitting ahead of me. I have all these cute skirts I can't cram my bum into. We'll see. I'm usually all talk. But Ben said he'd be my gym buddy when his boot camp is over. And Faith will come on the days she's not working. This will help.


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