Sunday, April 08, 2007

Monday, June 2, 2002. Our first date. He was late. I thought I was being stood up. My folks let me have their first row seats along the 1st base line at the Dragons. He shows; we leave. We have such a great time and fantastic conversation. In the middle of an inning during a warm up, the first baseman calls me cute. I look up. He throws me the ball. Everyone around does the whole "ooohhh" thing like when people kiss on tv. It was pretty great. I mean, it made me look good for a first date, you know? The game went on and we were deep in conversation. Then people around us started clapping and standing up. Did we miss a great play? No. We missed the entire end of the game because we were so into each other. Then we went back to my place and he played the guitar and sang and I got a foot massage. It was the best first date.

I guess I just wanted to record something really wonderful from my relationship with The Boy.

Because most of my memories are not really wonderful.

Because you don't remember the amazing things that happen early on.

Because today I am cleaning my room.

Because I'm throwing the baseball away.


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