Saturday, March 10, 2007

I left work early yesterday b/c I was feeling pretty crummy. Took a nap, watched tv, went to bed early. Didn't sleep very well. You know the kind--that restless, head cold sleep? Wanted to get to work @ 6 this morning. Probably won't be there til 9. Remainders show in Casa Grande tonight. Probably won't be performing, but I'm at least going down there. I've felt so disconnected from everything lately. Took some tylenol cold and am sucking down lozenges, so hopefully that will help. Not with the disconnection, but with the coughing. Getting ready to take a really hot shower with the exhaust fan off. Hoping the steam will help my throat. Here are parts of dreams from last night:

Driving down Yorkshire on my way to Kat's house. A boy (sometimes he was a kid, sometimes he was older) was with me and I was taking him on a tour of the neighborhood where I grew up. Kat called and I looked at my phone. It said, "Kat Prague". At first I didn't know who that was, even though I clearly was the person to type that into my phone. As soon as she spoke, I knew it was Kat Zeller. Why did I put Prague in there? Oh, yeah, to distinguish her from the other Kat's in my address book who had never lived there. (There were no other Kats in my address book and she never lived in Prague).

Then I'm in an old 4 story dorm room. It's familiar, like I've had a dream in this setting before. I'm with another person--nameless, ageless, faceless, sexless--and we have to save the building from exploding without anyone knowing what we're doing. There are thermostats on every floor on these big cement pillars. On one side of the pillar is a fire extinguisher. We have to spray the fire extinguisher into a hole in the thermostat. That will stop the explosion. We do the first one together to see how it's done. Then we split up. I take the 4th floor, my partner takes floors 2 and 3. The stairs to the top are huge, and I'm exhausted when I get there. I run across to the pillar and people start asking what I'm doing. But I can't tell them b/c we don't want anyone to panic. They watch. I use my keys to open cap on the fire extinguisher. I spray into the wrong hole. There is a fan that blows the cold air of the F.E. on my face. It burns badly enough to crack my skin. I spray into the right hole. The lights in the room change. Everyone is saved. Sarah Beuhler is there. She takes me to her dorm room, which she hates. There are 4 beds and it echoes really loudly. She's upset b/c the room is so tiny. I tell her the room is much bigger than my dorm room @ OU. But I can barely focus b/c the echo was almost unbearable.

Then I'm walking in a forest by myself. It had been raining. There was a couple coming towards me. They had long sticks and were poking the trees looking for bee hives. I walk by them, and realize they were poking the bottom part of the tree and not looking up--where the hives were. I wanted to tell them I had just passed the motherload, but they had a weird feeling to them. Like they were going to use the bee's wax for evil. So I continue walking. I'm looking down at the mud and puddles of water and grass. Then a rope drags across my right shoulder. It's dangling from a tree. I am terrified. What if that's the bottom of a rope someone used to hang themselves? What if I turn around and there's a dead man in the trees above. I'm so scared, but I have to look. I'm all alone in the woods and I need to make sure there are no dead bodies. Slowly I turn around. The tree is empty. I'm so relieved I almost throw up.


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